More than an aesthetic aspect, exterior masonry is durable provided it is properly maintained.

The visual deterioration of the masonry is often perfectible by the state of the joints.

The joints have several roles and their degradation can lead to major failures visible and non visible to the structural integrity of a residence.

In addition, non-homogeneous degradation of the joints can be explained by other problems.

Defective or improperly installed gutters are a good example that can cause accelerated deterioration of masonry elements.

If repairs to the mortar joints are not made within a reasonable time, potentially expensive repairs may be required, as well as a devaluation of the building.

To be sustainable, repointing must be done by a professional who understands well the nature of the work required, as well as the methodology to be used.

By his skills, the mason will know the right way to remove the existing mortar, at the right depth, without damaging the elements behind the masonry. He will be able to choose the replacement mortar type, make the right surface finish and have the right installation methods.

In addition, targeting the cause of accelerated degradation and correcting it is a very profitable form of investment.

We have the expertise and the abilities required to achieve all types of joint repairs, in a professional matter.