Regular inspection of your masonry elements is highly recommended. The inspection should include the verification of the mortar joints and the condition of the overall masonry. Maintenance is required if you find a crack, bulge, sag, leakage, efflorescence, or crumbling of masonry elements.

We, at Benoit Cogné Construction, are specialized in restoring masonry elements.

Whether it is the restoration of a fireplace, chimney, replacement of fissured bricks, the replacement of sills, flashings or intramural work (laying a membrane behind the bricks to ensure waterproofing).

Our team is experienced in this type of work and we have the specialized equipment for masonry element restorations.

Our service is not limited to the restoration of your masonry elements, but also to find the cause of the deterioration in order to correct the problem and avoid more expensive costs in the future.

Our work is always done according to the rules of the art and we always respect the building code.

We are constantly looking for the most similar and durable products to keep the style of your home. Our objective is that the work done will be sustainable for a long period of time.

Keep in mind that, properly maintaining your masonry preserves the value of your building.