With our experience, we have developed an expertise in masonry in the region. As a result of requests from our clientele to produce expert reports, we are now able to offer this service. This service involves four steps: gathering information, analyzing data, identifying priorities, and planning the work suggested.

Gathering information consists of inspecting the building, analyzing the available plans, taking into account the history of completed repairs done over the years and completing intrusive inspection (s) if required. All information will be compiled and incorporated into the expert report. The analysis consists in determining the extent of the current and potential problems observed, as well as their cause.

The report will establish a list of priorities, based on public safety, current or potential damage and the aesthetics of the building, whether it be a residential , commercial or industrial property. The required work planning will be according to the priorities identified. We will be able to implement building planning over a period of time, in a productive and efficient way, in order to reduce the cost of recommended restorations. This service is intended to ensure the durability of masonry elements, maintain the integrity of the building and eliminate costly long-term expenses.

This document is an indispensable tool for future tenders of prescribed work.